Kerry's Page.

        Hi, I'm Kerry in case you hadn't already guessed by the title.  My other half keeps pestering me to do my own web page because he's got one, so here it is.  There will be a link somewhere in here so you can have a look at his as well.  I'm a redhead.....NOT GINGER!!!  It reminds me of a biscuit and that's not what I am.

        I love cats, dogs, dolphins, cars...oh and the other half, Simon.

        I don't know how big the general web page is but this seems to be rather big so I hope you don't get bored with it and have fun reading it!!................Have a look at some of these:-

My cats: My kids!!!                                          Simon: He made me do this!

Other cats: Friends and family cats.                  My family: Mum, dad, brother etc!!

Dogs I would like (but am not allowed!):          What else I like: Music mainly.

My dolphins:  A few of my collection.             Links:

Cars I've owned.................and what happened to them:            

If you want to write.....:


            This is Simon, don't let the grey hair fool you, he is actually the same age as me and it wasn't me who turned him grey!  He's great, well I think so anyway and he really looks after me.

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What else I like

        I like lots of things, like music.... I've got a very varied taste in music and like different types of music for different activities.  I've been to see a few bands over the years but most of them were what I call Rock bands and they include: Bon Jovi (twice), Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Europe, Kiss, Thunder, Skid Row, Vixen.... oh and Big Country!  I went to see most of the above at Donnington and Milton Keynes but the second visit to see Bon Jovi was in Paris, the show was great but the city was shit, well I thought so anyway.  I also like Bryan Adams and would really like to go and see him in concert but haven't managed to yet!  

        I like dance music but that's for when I'm driving, out socialising or need something to get me going with the housework!  I like UB40 as well but to me that's music for the summer but whenever I play it, it seems to rain!  I like Enigma and that's for when I want to relax.

        My star sign is Scorpio and yes some of the things they say about Scorpios relates to me, I'm hot tempered sometimes but then again that could be to do with my hair colour as well.  I'm fascinated with the unexplained and have a collection of "Unexplained" books but I never get the time to read them.  I'm also fascinated with Astrology but there again, I've got a collection of binders with all the stuff in them along with a set of Tarot cards, Runestones and various other objects to do with all that sort of thing and never get the time to do anything with them.

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Write to me

    If you want to write to me then feel free. E-Mail me on 

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Links Cats Protection League Homepage.  All you want to know about NCDL  More about dogs and rescue dogs.

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